Sunday, July 06, 2008

It's a wrap... around

Ok, it's actually more of a cross over.
But, you know all that talk about knitting - here's the proof!

It's the Seamless Baby Kimono!

(Daggy photo, I know, but the light has just been impossible!!!)

Pattern: Seamless Baby Kimono (rav link)

Source: The Complete Fabrication

Yarn: Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic in Coffee - less than one (200g) ball.

Needles: 4mm (circulars and DPNs)

Modifications: The pattern as written is sized for a 6-9 month old. My seamless baby kimono is for G the 20ish month old daughter of a colleague (one of the good ones - not the crazies...).

I cast on as per the pattern, but instead of increasing to 50 stitches across the back I continued until I had 30cm (66 stitches). I then moved the sleeve stitches to waste yarn and kept increasing on the fronts until they were also 66 stitches each.
For the sleeves I decreased on every 4th row as per the pattern, but did an extra two decrease rounds.

I don't think I can say enough good things about this pattern - the directions are totally clear and it was super easy to re-size. And, NO SEAM!!!!

I think the eyelet increases down the front are lovely, and the garter stitch detail on the sleeve cuffs are gorgeous.

And it was quick - I cast on last Friday, and cast off during stage one of the tour last night.
This was my first time using Bendy wool and I have to say it was quite delicious to work with, and felt even better after the pre-block bath.

I'm also impressed that I got the whole cardie out of one ball - so I've still got one to play with - we ordered two just in case

Speaking of firsts, this was also my first kind of commission - my colleague asked how much I charged to knit cardie and I said something along the lines of "Charge??! Ha, you just buy the yarn and choose the pattern. Let me show you Ravelry!" hehe - can you tell I'm excited when someone wants me to knit them something? =)
And this colleague was so good to me when I was working on my job application that I was really happy to be able to do something for her too =)

The satisfaction I got from this little project inspired to cast on something else equally small and seamless tonight - this little premmie raglan cardie. I'm not sure where it will go yet - it might end up going to the same colleague for her new (and early) arrived nephew, or perhaps it will be for donation...

Tomorrow we have our final inspection with the rental people at the apartment - it is going to be such a relief to have that all done with!!!
We spent a large part of yesterday finishing up the balcony and window cleaning, and will get there a bit early armed with our windex, since you just never know how the windows will look in the morning light compared to the afternoon you cleaned them!
Actually, I was kind of hoping for a night of wild weather so we'd have an excuse for any stray dust the morning light reveal ;)

I'm just trying to focus on it all being over, and the lovely Lemon Grassy reward dinner we'll have tomorrow night to celebrate....
Emotional eater? Me? Noooo, never! ;)


ooh, btw, there's no buttons on there yet - G's mum is going to put them on herself to make sure she gets a perfect fit. Because it's wrap-around/cross-over-y she'll be able to move the buttons as G grows, at least for a little while. I also knit the sleeves a couple of rows longer than they really needed to be so they can be fodled up now (the garter stitch cuff means they still look good folded up) and worn unfolded later if they need to be =)


  1. It came out great! And I love the color. Brown is one of my favorites.

  2. Very cute!

    Good luck with the final inspection.

  3. That is gorgeous - and so considerate that you thought about the sizing issues (buttons and sleeve length). It will make it wearable for so much longer!

  4. beautiful. so glad to see the finished product. Well done!

  5. Lovely kimono & it looks so warm!

  6. ooooooooooooh love this - any chance you can share the pattern. I would love to knit that for some friends - so many of them seem to be popping out babies


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