Thursday, July 03, 2008


Welcome to our loungeroom!

We're still getting settled, but absolutely coomfy and in love with our new home!
It madly fluctuates between being a total mess - as we pull out more boxes to unpack - and impeccably clean - when someone's coming over and everything has been shoved back in a cupboard (love those big built ins!!)

In the picture up you can see our lovely lounge room, the shot below looks past the couch to the kitchen.

There's soooo much room!

I've been busy knitting knitting knitting this week - working on a seamless baby kimono (rav) for a friend's almost 2 year old to wear to a wedding next week.
I should be finished the body tonight, then there's just the sleeves =)
The pattern is fabulous, and I can definitely see myself making this one again.
And it's knit in one piece! No seaming - hurrah!

Oh, and thanks for sharing your stories about workplace weirdos - it is both heartening to and a bit disturbing to know they're everywhere!!!



  1. so when are getting an invite? ;-) How's tonight for you? ha ha ha ha

  2. So pretty!!!!!

    Envious even, your place looks gorgeous!

  3. Look at your huge lounge room - fabulous!!

  4. Great room! I like your decorating style.

  5. Lovely lounge - looks nice & cozy for knitting.


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