Sunday, July 13, 2008

Love Le Tour

I love Tour Time.
I used to enjoy watching it with Mum when I was at school, then a couple of years living with my cycling mad Commissaire uncle T saw my interest in the sport develop even further.

Last year Mum and I were there.

(That bag I'm carrying holds a real live genuine yellow jersey!!)

It was such a brilliant day!

The sun was shining, and there were millions of people lining the streets of London, enjoying the gorgeous weather, and the whole procession of celebration that travels with the tour.

We even saw Mikey Tomalaris (and walked back and forth behind him a couple of times while he filmed his update hehe there's always one!)

We started the day with a good London pub breakfast, then spent the rest of the day walking the course.

It was just amazing (the Tour, I mean. Though that breakfast was pretty darned good too =)).

All day we were able to get close enough to get a good look at what was going, and we were so glad we decided to wander and look from different parts of the course - rather than staying put in one spot for the entire day.

Snapping shots of the guys whizzing past was quite a challenge. (I think that blurry character racing out of shot there is none other than Robbie McEwen - he usually looks more like this.)

Eventually we got the hang of it and managed to get some good ones - even better, some of the photos show team cars following the rider (which conveniently have the rider's name across the front ;-))

We had such a great view by the end of the day - that's Cadel Evans coming around the corner there - what a back-drop!

The following day we caught the start of stage one (London to Canterbury).
Seeing the whole peloton travelling together was something amazing all over again!

I'd love to be there again this year - but, alas, no such luck.
Instead I'm watching from the comfort of home (usually bed, to be more specific).

I'm not an official participant in the Tour de France Knit along, but I am enjoying sitting up to watch the race with sticks in hand and enjoying an alone-along of sorts.

I am also cheering along the TdF KAL participants - there's a list of teams and knitters at the blog - I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's projects progress.

And, of course, I'm baking along.
Those coloured jerseys were just screaming out to me to be replicated in light fluffy cupcake icing, and I've been looking for simple motifs to practice my chocolate piping skills.

I couldn't quite justify baking that many cuppies for us just at home (we would never get through them all!), but said Commisaire and my aunt N were kind enough to be attending a Tour soiree and I jumped at the excuse opportunity to feed my cupcake obsession help them out =)

Each colour represents one of the jerseys that the riders compete for during the tour, and the little bikes are made of dark chocolate.

I hear they were a hit last night, and I have to say I think they're pretty cute myself =)



  1. is there a moment that can't be celebrated in cupcakes?! They look wonderful!

  2. Oh what a lovely tour and delicious breakfast!!! I think you have a cup cake for every occasion too. These are gorgeous!!

  3. The bect part of the Tour is Gabriel Gate. Have you seen him yet? Awesome!

  4. Love your Tour photos (go Cadel!) and of course, the cupcakes. waahhhhhhhhh, I want cupcakes!

  5. Fabulous cakes! I want lots of those polka dot jersey ones!! YUM


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