Monday, July 07, 2008

Strawberry sunshine

Mmmm we are totally taking advantage of the piles of strawberries that are in the shops all of a sudden (and at very reasonable prices!)

These guys have been rinsed and are draining in a colander in the sink - just look at that delicious winter sun streaming through the kitchen window!

What else would one have for dessert on Wimbledon finals night?


  1. Did you stay up for the final? I only managed the first 2 sets before the rain delay. Would have loved to see it all though. I love Wimbledon!

  2. Oh yes - we have strawberries here too - it's like a little bit of summer in winter!!

    Love the seamless kimono - I've just done one and one of the sweater version - yay for no seams!

  3. Those look delicious! They are my favorite summer treat and the winter comment really threw me off because we are having weather over ninety degrees fahrenheit daily here in the midwest. Where in the heck are you? I love winter and I wish there could be snow on the ground all year.


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