Saturday, November 29, 2008

the ayes have it!

Thanks for the comments on my dressy sewing project!

The fabric is just SO cute - and it was also only about $3 a metre at the Spotties sale last week =)

The 'ayes' were overwhelmingly with the ric-rac, so I took your advice and used it around the bottom to hide the hem stitches (I'm pretty sure the photo will embiggen a bit if you click. The colours there are probably the truest I have been able to capture).

A quick poke around at Lincraft last night didn't reveal any more suitable buttons, so I decided to go with two mismatched pink ones - the yellow just didn't give enough contrast.

I'll do the last little finishing touches (tidying up the ends of thread and sewing on the buttons) today - in about a half hour we're in the car and off to Sydney for an overnighter.

Usually the three-ish hour drive would provide the perfect opportunity for some uninterrupted knitting time, but this time I am taking on my (current) arch nemesis and crafty ball and chain - the train cross stitch.
I am determined to get this fixed up and finished so I can get on with some other things - tomorrow is the first Sunday of advent so after this there are only 3 more weekends before Christmas!!!! eeeek

I'll be back tomorrow to tell you all about how that little gadget down there is my new best friend!! =)



  1. How good is the automatic buttonholer!!!

  2. My machine has one of these, and it just looks scary. Can't wait to see how to...cute cute dress dude

  3. It's either an auto-buttonhole, or something fancy like a ruffler foot (oh, I've always wanted a ruffler foot ...)

    The dress looks great!


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