Sunday, November 30, 2008

Benjamin Button-hole Maker

Yup, I should have known I couldn't puzzle you guys with that curious gizmo - my new best friend Benjamin Button-hole maker =)

I haven't used the automatic button-holer before, and the dress was the perfect opportunity to give it a try. It does look pretty tricky, but it's actually super simple. Check it out.....

Benjamin clips into the machine like any other foot:

Fit your button in the back:

Pull down the button lever:

And off you sew =)

And the machine (together with Benjamin!) does it all for you!

The instructions recommend trying it on some scrap fabric first - definitely a good idea (although it is really simple it did still take me a couple of goes to figure out what I was doing)

The trickiest thing, I thought, was remembering that you need to 'reset' the machine between button-holes by changing to a different stitch setting and then back again.

Of course, one thing your automatic button-holer won't be able to help you with is making sure that you put the buttons on the straps of your dress, and the holes on the front, as per the pattern. Ask me how I know..... ;o)



  1. I always forget to pull down the little lever thingy, and then to reset after each buttonhole! Sigh.

    But they are fab, aren't they!

  2. That's a great machine. I think I need one as I hate sewing buttons! Pretty dress.

  3. I swear you have the same machine as me. The gadget looks exactly the same. Mine is inherited from my mama and is a Janome MyExcel 23X. Perhaps we could start an exclusive club of two!

  4. hehehe. im sure it wasnt funny when it happened, and given i do that sort of thing all the time, i know its not funny. except it sounds funny from here. glad you worked it out tho.

  5. I also have the MyExcel 23x, except mine says New Home on it instead of Janome. . . . anywho, I can't seem to find my manual and am having a hard time switching from one stitch to another, such a switching to the button hole. Can anyone help?! Thanks.

  6. Where do you buy a Benjamin button hole maker? Sounds like something I would love to have.

  7. i didn't know about the button lever. you totally helped!

  8. This is amazing, I've been trying to do this (and failing) the whole morning & now I finally can! Thank you so much!

  9. Wow. I have had my machine 11 years and I just read your buttonhole tutorial and made my first buttonhole!!!!


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