Friday, November 07, 2008

freebie pattern alert!

Kathryn Ivy is one of my fave blogs, on account of the gorgeous knits (including the cutest toys!), designs, and, ooh, the malabrigo!!

The girls have been on a bit of a blogging hiatus of late, but this morning I was excited to discover they're back, and with a free pattern to boot!

As a result of the unfortunate event of a VERY similar pattern being released (for sale!) elsewhere (by someone who had previously bought the Kathryn Ivy pattern!!), Grace and Alice are now offering their original Kiddie Cadet hat pattern for free on their website and as a Ravelry download.

Hey, it's not enabling if it's a freebie, right?


  1. Thanks for directing me to a site full of great things. What a nasty story though, hmm? I found the copy on Ravelry. Some people are very, very nervy.


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