Saturday, November 01, 2008

New month, new stuff

Would it be completely predictable of me to start my first post of the month by saying "OH MY GOODNESS!! IS IT REALLY NOVEMBER ALREADY? CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??"?
Ah, ok then, I'll skip it ;o)

We started the new month with a few 'news' of our own.

The Boy's Dad and step-Mum came over on Saturday with a dining setting for us, having bought a new one for themselves they were happy to pass on their old one:

Doesn't it look perfect in our dining room?? =)

The new furniture which arrived earlier in the week came in a package with a BBQ, which was delivered flat packed.... eeeek
I hadn't touched it all week, and wasn't looking forward to trying to assembling it - it seems everyone has a flat pack BBQ horror storie - so when the Boy's Dad offered to help him put it together I was more than happy to hand over the phillips-head and let them go for it =)


Didn't they do a great job??
There weren't even any bits left over at the end!

Needless to say, we were pretty excited to BBQ up a storm at dinner time.

Mmm herb and garlic sausages and macadamia satay chicken kebabs from our local butcher - I love those guys!

The kebabs were amazing!

Bells is coming over tomorrow for some potting up in the greenhouse, so I'm leaving you with some pictures of it in its jungle-like state =)

oooh, green =)

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