Monday, November 10, 2008

not chicken soup

So, despite my desire to get a couple of housey things done (like some more potting, and finding solar-powered fairy lights for the garden room) I spent all of Saturday on the couch with some weird coldy sore-throaty thing.

I snuck into the kitchen for a minute or two to whip myself up a big bowl of my version of chicken soup, which doesn't have chicken in it at all.

Actually, you pretty much take the recipe QM shared last week, add what ever vegies you have around, some fresh ginger and chilli, a splash of soy sauce and lemon juice, bring to the boil and serve over rice noodles topped with a handfull of fresh herbs.

Oooh, it is so tasty.
Even when I'm feeling completely revoulting I very rarely loose my appetite - hmm, just lucky I guess!

Speaking of food, while I lounged with my knitting and a box of tissues the Boy fired up the BBQ and cooked up a delicious dinner of haloumi and chorizo kebabs with salad and vege.

They were sooo good - chorizo and haloumi are two of our favourite things in the world, so I'm pretty sure he thought he was dreaming when he came across the recipe online.

Anyway, I'm not sure if you can spot it in the second photo there, but the pink baby socks are coming along nicely.
I finished the first of the pair yesterday, and intend to cast on the next tonight at S'n'B (Tilley's 7pm!) =)

See you there?

ok, so evidently the bug has now hit my brain, since I clicked on save now instead of publish post for this one yesterday. Excellent.


  1. Are you feeling better now? And I can't believe you used my pest spray as your base for that soup! ;-)

  2. 2 hot tips for the fairy lights - target have plain ones, and the reject shop have butterfly/dragonflies :)
    Soup sounds perfect!


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