Thursday, November 06, 2008

one of these guys is not like the others


My bus sock knitting progress from the past few weeks:

I finished the rainbow sockies about a week ago, but for the weaving in (what is it with me and the weaving in, anyway?)
I won't bore you with too many stats, since I think there will be a truck load of these churned out over the coming months, but here are the basics:

Pattern: free here
Yarn: About 15g (just over half a ball) of cleckheaton merino bambino
Needles: 2.5mm
Mods: Just one thing - the pattern grafts the final 8 stitches from side-to-side, I did the grafting top-to-bottom - it just seemed to make more sense...

I've only knit one of the golden pair, but they'll be interrupted to knit up some in more traditional colours to gift =)

Oh, and, incidentally, I've just read that the one of K4C's November charities is the Preterm Infants Parents Association, so I can see myself trying out a premmie sock pattern pretty soon =)

for more info, check out the Knit4Charities yahoo group, Australian's Giving a Knit on Ravelry, or drop me a line and I'll find out what I can for you =)


  1. There is absolutely nothing cuter than baby socks!

  2. I love watching you knit such little cute things on the bus. They're adorable!

  3. The socks are so cute & you are so generous to knit them. All those babies will have warm feet next winter.


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