Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Today I spent the day at home, mostly voice-less and somewhat phlegmy (don't you think phlegm's a funny word?)

Whilst it sucks to be feeling icky, it was pretty cool to look out the kitchen window as see this little bit of tropical paradise in my very own yard!

Isn't that pretty?!!!

Bells and Sean told me last week, before it flowered, what they suspected it was, but I just can't remember.

It was hard to do it justice in photographs - in real life it kind of looks like a child's whirly-toy (you know, the shiny kind on a stick you get from the show/fair tha spins in the breeze?) stuck in the garden, and really strikingly large and white.

In the second, smaller photo you can see there's a second bud on the back - perhaps even a third little one.

I think I have 2 more of these coming up nearby.

It's really cool - it kind of looks like the main plant is coming up, then the actual flower stalk comes up beside it (at least, I think)



  1. That is definitely a gorgeous flower.

  2. It's a hippeastrum! It's gorgeous. Our red one is about to flower too. Fabulous.

  3. you have a lovely garden! hope you are feeling better.

  4. Are these the ones they call Naked Lady? That makes me giggle, in a completely ridiculous childish way!

  5. Really really hope you're feeling better - mmm - haloumi and chorizo on the one stick - luscious!

  6. Hope you are feeling better now. Take care.

  7. Hope you're feeling better - and yes, phlegm is a very weird word! Here's its etymology from the Oxford Dictionary :

    ORIGIN Middle English fleem, fleume, from Old French fleume, from late Latin phlegma ‘clammy moisture (of the body),’ from Greek phlegma ‘inflammation,’ from phlegein ‘to burn.’ The spelling change in the 16th cent. was due to association with the Latin and Greek.

    Phlegmatic (unemotional / stolidly calm disposition) comes from the same root.

    BEAUTIFUL flower!


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