Monday, December 01, 2008

new advent-ures

As promised, tonight I can show you the first day of action for my teddy bear advent calendar!!!

You can see it's still not finished - the borders are sewn together but not onto the main canvas, and I'm not sure how I'll hang it (at the moment it's hanging on the front of one of our bookshelves).

For now, at least, I've written all the numbers on with my sparkly-arkly gold and silver gel pens - perhaps one day I've find the perfect more technical way to number them but I think for now this is fine =)

So, here's day number one - a Christmassy bauble as the bears start to decorate their tree =)
By Christmas day they'll be all festive and ready for a special visitor on Christmas eve...

Who else is advent calendaring? - I'd love to hear about it =)



  1. I think this advent calendar is amazing! Nice thinking with the gel pens.

  2. We're just doing the paper chain (which--ack!--haven't made yet, SUCH A BUSY WEEKEND!!) but you've got me thinking about what else we could do in the future. Your advent calendar is beautiful.

  3. I have a chocolate calendar that my boyfriend got me! :) And my mum surprised me by sending me advent gifts - two chocolate bars and a book called something like "1000 reasons to be happy". I really loved that.

    Your advent calendar is super sweet. :)

  4. Oh it's fabulous. How absolutely lovely. Clever, clever Kuka!

  5. Oh my goodness, how unBEARably cute! You're doing a great job!!!

    What have we done for Christmas this year? NOTHING. Nothing at all. All a bit sad really...

    My verification word for this post is "presi" - perfectly appropriate!

  6. That's the best advent calendar that I have ever seen. We just have a store bought chocolate calendar.


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