festive fabrics

I took an early mark from work today and popped into Lincraft for a couple of things sewing things I wanted.

Actually, it was lucky I took of early - I spent about an hour an a half at lincraft, poking about in the notions and trims, and thumbing through the pattern catalogues =)

Shopping was a success - I even found two new Christmassy print cottons to add to my collection.

Tonight the new guys, and a couple of others, took a spin in the wash (for a preshrink)and are now happily hanging around drying - the new ones are the blue and the candy canes on cream in the piccy there. =)

The Boy is going out on Friday night, and I believe the forecast is for a pretty miserable Saturday, so I'm looking forward to a lovely weekend of Christmassy sewing.

I'm thinking I'll start with this free Christmas stocking pattern/tutorial from Bathtub Dreamer... so cute! =)



  1. Brown pants and a shirt were cut out last night. I'm ditching choir tonight, and with all the expected rain over the weekend, I'm staying in to sew too!

    Love those Christmas fabrics - very festive!

  2. Lovely, lovely fabric! I do hope it's a gloomy weekend. I want the indoors time too!


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