Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Just this one more...

...I promise!!!

I'm sure you're sick of seeing it, but I just felt like I needed to post a picture of the totally, properly finished dress, you know, for closure ;o)

And to give you some 'stats':
  • the pattern is New Look 6576
  • size small
  • both the fabrics (yellow with pink caterpillars (obviously) and pink with white polka dots for the facing) are cottons
  • both the buttons pink, but they're different
  • I gave in and went with the ric-rac but managed to restrain myself, and only put it around the lower hem

And to let you know I gave this to the Boy's aunt on the weekend, for her grand-daughter, and she loved it! ;o)

Me too =)



  1. Oh lovely! Love the new banner too - you figured it out.

    It made Sean and I laugh, the byline.

  2. Nice banner! Clever chook!

    You know, out of all that fabric we bought that day in Dimlight, I'm impressed that you've already made one thing out of it! I'm still thinking about the PJ pants (because I think much better than I do).

  3. The dress is lovely & I love the cookies on your new mast head.


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