Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kuka's workshop

I have a couple of production lines chugging along here, and as I work on one project or another I kind of like to imagine I'm in a cartoony Santa's workshop

Looks like fun, no?

Tonight I am:

a row of stockings-to-be. These darlings dream of being hung by the chimney with care

mmmm it's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas

Finding joy in each and every little detail of my Christmassy preparations
I adore all of Christmas' tiny, perfect, bits and pieces, and wonder at them as they are carefully are unpacked each year. It's the delight, not the devil, in the details of these treasures

bliss =)


  1. Oh what a lovely glimpse of your preparations. I made my gingerbread dough tonight and some other biscuit dough too. I love the smell of Christmas spices!! I'm still finding it hard to believe it is almost Christmas though, so it's encouraging to see lots of festive things on your blog!

  2. Have I told you lately how much I am loving your Christmas posts? No? Well, I love them.

    You have been a busy little Santa's elf! I myself took the night off! Back in the workshop again tonight though! More cakes and rumballs and I need to finish the Mike's stockings!

  3. i really love that you are so into this. it has given me hope and inspiration for next year xx

  4. It's definitely looking very Christmassy at your home. The cookies look great!


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