Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Little Wooden Christmas Tree

In the last picture on yesterday's post I gave a teeny tiny sneak peak at one of my gorgeous new Christmas decorations - my little wooden Christmas tree.

This is one of my favourite Chrismassy things. I think I especially love the packagig with all its pretty doo-dads in a shiny red box.

You simply slot the tree together and decorate by hanging all the tiny treasures from the teeny hooks.

The pop the star on top and it's ready =)

This little one is on a pretty stand, and slowly turns, playing a kind of musical jewellery box Silent Night.

So cute =)

What's your fave??



  1. Well you got me with this one. All those tiny things. All bah humbugs banished from my thoughts.

  2. I am so getting it's twin. I think it's beautiful. Will have to pop out quickly today before the par-tay!

    My favourite is a bronze bird with sequins that my mumgot me a couple of year ago. It's hard to take a photo of, though!

  3. Hi - Please can you tell me where you bought the tree from as the one I was given was broken and would Love to buy another one. Thanks.


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