Monday, December 31, 2007

The NYE thing

I think I've probably said before that I'm not really into the whole big New Year's Eve night out thing - the high expectations are often a set up for disaster.

The best NYEs I've ever had have been simple - good food with a couple friends.

I'm talking about you Beauzo, watching fireworks from our balcony, kulfi (actually, I don't remember if we actually had kulfi that night, but it always makes me think of kulfi. mmmm).

And New Year in Danmark - Gitte's dad raising the Christmas tree up the neighbour's flag pole, and then bunding a bunch of fireworks together to set them all off at once (do not try this at home!)

I guess I told the same stories last year, but they are really two of my greatest New Year memories, so I'll probably tell them again next year, and every year! =D

This year we're inside at home hiding from the heat, although apparently it was hotter yesterday, and its not nearly as warm here as Melbourne or Adelaide.

We've made a delish dinner - strawberry and haloumi salad, home made ravioli, bocconcini tomato and basil salad, brie stuffed chicken (hey there's you again Beauzo - meat stuffed with cheese wrapped in meat mmmmmm), and New Year chocolate mousse.

We'll sit on the balcony and toast the New Year by candlelight (aah my new Georg Jensen candle holders =D ) - or fall asleep in front of the tv at 11:15!!

Wishing you the best for your NYE festivities!!

besos =)

please excuse the grainy pics - I'm still working on gettin the new camera to behave =s


  1. now that's my kinda night. Lovely. That sounds like a delicious meal - lovely combinations.

    Hey I made your julehygge too but didn't get around to blogging them. Great fun but quite squishy and rubbery. Wonder what I did wrong?

    Also, we are LOVING Veronica Mars. So great!

  2. Yuuum! Ours was quiet too! Love the sheep - what a great pattern! Happy New Year Kuka - looking forward to 2008!

  3. I totally agree on the NYE thing! We just went out for dinner and came home!


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