Oh Christmas tree

Yesterday the boy and I headed out to the Christmas tree farm to pick out our very own tannenbaum =)

On arrival you're handed a little saw, pointed in the direction of the trees wished the best of luck on your quest. The only rule is that you can't take any tree with a ribbon on it - those ones are reserved and if you take one that's reserved "people get really sad when they come back and find their tree gone."

Once you've found your perfect tree you can go about cutting it down.

It's easier than you might first suspect - pine is really soft - but it was a bit awkward to get started...

We were very careful not to get a tree too big to fit in the back of the car (this one was just perfect) and by last night we had it home and in the tree stand (oh I don't even want to talk about that!! Those things are TRICKY!).
I figured the risk of the tree tipping over during the night was fairly high, so we left it to settle overnight before decorating, just in case.

I woke up this morning and TAADAA!
The tree was still upright!!! Hurrah!

So, tonight (after mixing up some brunkager dough to throw in the oven after work tomorrow) we spent the evening decorating!!!!

Ah so pretty! (Even if I do say so myself ;o))

It makes me just want to sit in the living room with all the lights off!

Except, that wouldn't exactly be condusive to all the Christmassy sewing on the list now, would it? ;o)



  1. So beautiful! I have my lights on, and the main lights on the dimmer so I can still sew and crochet without going completely blind!

  2. Oh! Cute header! I wish you'd come make cookies with my kids. I have guilt.

    We go to a tree farm and do the exact same thing. Isn't it fun?!

  3. oh it's lovely. makes me wish we had lights.

  4. That's a lovely tree & it's hand picked by you - so special. I must get a real tree one day.

  5. its gorgeous! im beginning to think my plastic fibre optic thing is a bit lame....


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