Sunday, December 07, 2008

the pinkest ever

We had a fabulous time at our pink party last night.

I baked the pinkest cupcakes ever.

Pink papers.

Pink cake.

Pink icing with sugar hearts.

Baked whilst listening to Britney's new album.

I don't think they could possibly get any pinker.

And we drank pink frozen strawberry daquiri in a bucket.

They come from urban thirst - you just add your alcohol of choice to the daquiri mix, stir it all up and put the whole bucket in the freezer for 8 hurs or so.

They come from Urban Thirst (be warned, their website is musical) in a bunch of flavours.

Actually, it really made me think it's time I dug out the blender myself - if this isn't frozen margarita weather I don't know what is!



  1. Yes, that's definitely a lot of pink!! I just got some beautiful green fancy muffin papers from a friend as a gift, though I'm not so keen an the green taste.
    Love your stained glass window biscuits in your banner too!! Yum!!

  2. I love the pink cakes!

    And I could do with one of those frozen thingies right now...

  3. The cup cakes looked so yummy & so pretty in pink!

  4. Wow, pinkly pinky pink!! Yum!

    My word verification for this post is purbox - does this mean kittens are coming soon??!


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