Sunday, December 28, 2008

take it away

If, like me, you get a little over excited with the baking, you might also be trying to shove baked goods out the door looking to friends to ease the burden of baked goods in your pantry.

This is a cute packaging idea I've used over the past week or two when sharing around the festive bakey goodness, and a great way to re-use some of your pretty wrapping paper which is just too scrunchied or small for gifts this year.

You'll need some take away containers - the foil kind with cardboardy type lids. I used the glad brand ones, which come in packs of 4, but I'm sure you can get bigger packs and probably cheaper at a $2 type shop.

Also, you need some used bits and pieces of wrapping paper and some glue.
Then, you guessed it, just glue your festive wrapping to the cardboardy lids.
Put something heavy on top of them (I used my containers of baking - seriously!) for a few hours, or overnight even.

Once the glue is dried good and proper, trim around the lids, and... TAADAA! =)

I think these would be lovely with birthday paper on top for taking home birthday cake from a party too =)


ps. tomorrow I'll introduce you to my newest best friend - here's a sneak peek ;o)


  1. That is a GENIUS idea!

    And you got Mr K. Chef? Bewdy!!

  2. It's a great idea & thanks for sharing. Best wishes for 2009!


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