Tuesday, December 02, 2008

the tortoise

Well, it is slow and, yes, somewhat tedious work, but the train relocation is coming along.

I'm certain a number of you think I'm completely nuts for the do-over (oh, wouldn't it be great if Ctrl+Z worked outside of the computer world!!!), but I just couldn't live with that mistake staring at me!

The trickiest part is that sometimes the stitches need to be pulled out in the reverse order to what they were sewn - that's where all those dangly bits are coming from.... like, I want to move the blue wheel, but the orange was stitched after the blue and caught some of the blue stitches, so I've had to pull out the orange section first. But some of that was caught by the green, an so on - if that makes sense?

Anyway, it's kind of therapeutic - picking out and replacing one teeny section at a time.
Sort of like alphabetising the cd collection....

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  1. There's nothing odd about alphabetising (or indeed classifying) the cd collection! Nor is there anything odd about the fix-up. Well done for persistence.


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