A very Kenny Christmas

Michelle guessed it - yesterday we went out and picked up Kenny the Kenwood chef mixer, a very cool Christmas pressie from my Mum & Dad.

Hello, I really am a baking machine =)

I had been agonising over what I should make first.
Of course, cupcakes were the obvious choice - but I wanted something super special.
Then again, I was nervous about making something brand new - if I didn't work I would feel like my Kenny was cursed!!

We were talking about cooking pizza for dinner last night to try out the pizza stone I gave the Boy, when I realised I could use Kenny to mix up a homemade pizza dough - we could both debut our new kitchen goodies together and we could use up some ham!! - perfect!!!

We used the recipe book that came with him (!!) - it had a simple pizza recipe using flour, water, oil and salt.
Here's Kenny in action:

Ready to rise:

ok, this bit was a bad idea - we had some serious sticking issues after the pizza came out of the oven, and I suspect it is due to letting the dough rise on the stone - next time we will for sure let it rise somewhere else, then transfer it to a REALLY well floured stone

In the oven:

And all ready:


Now, what to mix next?



  1. Fabbo pizza! Are there any leftovers? I would reckon not!

  2. Yummo! That looks delish!

    I'm waiting to see the ice cream....

  3. Oh so cool. What a great gift. That agonising was exactly how i felt with my new lace books. It had to be special! So much pressure!

  4. Oooh, I love my stand mixer! It was a birthday present several years ago from Chris. Enjoy!!


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