Saturday, December 27, 2008

White Christmas

Perhaps you dream of a white Christmas, but Christmas in Australia is a snowman's nightmare.

(Melting snowmen cupcakes from this tutorial at gorgeous baking blog Cherrapeno)


  1. I love the melted snowman cupcakes!! I called Chris over to see them too. I think those will go on my list for next year, or later this winter. Hmm, maybe I'll make some to celebrate the spring solstice, when it's entirely possible we'll still get snow. :-)

  2. they were just delightful! I loved eating them!

  3. That fella at the top looks so sad!!!

    Great cupcakes, Kuka.

  4. ha ha, love the melted snowmen!! All of your Christmas baking (and other preparations) looked wonderful - hope you had a great day!


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