Sunday, January 11, 2009

efter brylluppet*

Thanks for your nice comments on my new dress and shoes!!!

We had such a blast at the wedding - it was a really beautiful day, and the Boy and I were both honoured to be there to share it with the lovely bride and groom.

Both ceremony and reception were held in the gorgeous gardens of the bride's parents, and the girls all did their own hair and make-up, and the bride's dress, as well as the bridesmaids' skirts, were all sewn by the bride's grandmother (who is well into her 80s)

I'm not sure if you can tell from that excellent photo, but the maid of honour was actually a 'bridesmate', and the groom was attended by his bestwoman.

As well as the traditional exchanging of vows and rings, the ceremony included a wrist binding (which is much lovlier than it sounds - the couple placed their left wrists together and had a yellow ribbon tied loosley around them, then they slipped their hands out of the ribbon and it is placed in a little bag, to stay tied like that forever), a hand blessing (which had everyone reaching for their tissues - go read it and not get tear-y. I dare you), and a blessing of two trees which each guest was invited to tie ribbons on and make a wish for the newly married couple.

The reception was a sausage sizzle - all kinds of delish bbq fare that we helped ourselves to, and instead of a full seating plan we just had to sit at the table where we found our duck.

There were ducks on the chocolate mud wedding cake (mmm we took a slice of that home for breakfast ;o)) too:

In all, really a gorgeous, perfect day!

Oh, and me in my dress:
ok, the obviously either: a) the photos have been blurred to protect the innocent; or b) my camera was really screwy yesterday, and for some reason (which may have something to do, hypothetically, with a spilled steak sandwich and a bottle of soda water that leaked in my bag. Then again, maybe my camera was just screwy.) half of the photos came out blurry. You choose.


*Danish for 'After the Wedding', and also the name of a fab Oscar nominated Danish movie, starring none other than the tres handsome Mads Mikkelsen!


  1. That sounds like a really nice wedding! I couldn't read the whole hand vow since the color of the font on the color of the background was giving me fits, but all in all it sounds like your friends planned a really cool ceremony. I like the rubber duckies, too. :-)

  2. How fabulous - sounds like a really relaxed, very cool wedding!


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