Wednesday, January 21, 2009

escaping the vacuum

Man alive!
I thought I'd never escape from work!
I had planned for today to be my first day of holidays (peternity leave, I'm calling it ;o)), but we were so busy I had to come in anyway - even after working til 7pm the past two nights!

It was a bit disappointing since I was planning on getting up at 3am to watch all the inauguration hoohaa, then go back to bed for the day ;o)

But I finally got away, and am spending tonight lounging in front of the TV underneath two kittens - I think they wore themselves out on their new kittie play equipment last night:

They can scoot underneath and hide, sharpen their claws and best of all take turns at sitting on top and belting the other as they run past!

They've been playing very nicely together since Sunday, and are very excited to see us when we arrive home from work too - spending most of the evening following us around the house (especially if we go near the kitchen!) =)

All the running and tumbling makes them a bit difficult to photograph though - especially Jinx - and most of the pictures look more like this:

It has been too hot and exhausting to do much more than lounge this week, but I do have the latest ice cream to share =)
I made this one from the recipe that Tinkingbell gave me:

Pop 150g berries (I used frozen mixed berries), 125g caster sugar, juice of a lemon, 300ml each of cream and milk in a blender, whizz it up and pour into the ice cream maker.


I love the colour of this one!
The only thing I would do differently is that I would strain the mix before freezing, since there are lots of berry seeds in here!
Tonight we served it with a scoop of Maggie Beer's vanilla bean and elderflower ice cream, and a squirt or two of ice magic.



  1. Come back to work! I miss my WBOKCBFF!

    Those kitties don't need you as much as I dooooo!

    Kidding. But here's something for them/you to get your teeth into during your hols!

    See you soon xo

  2. Such cute kittens!!! I think you could be home with them all the time. Yummy ice-cream. I'm making the chocolate semi-freddo from the new Delicious magazine tomorrow: Not for me :-(

  3. your gorgeous kittens are making me wish i had some, and thats from a dog person! and lets not talk about wanting that ice cream!!

  4. Man, someone get me a tissue 'cos i've drooled all over the keyboard... (to clarify, I'm drooling over the icecream. Not the cats. Cats don't taste nice.)


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