Friday, January 23, 2009

judging books by their covers

I've been thinking how little reading I do these days, and how nice it was to lose myself in some books over the Christmas break, and so on the way home from work on Wednesday I popped into Borders to pick up some reading material for my break (incidentally, on Thursday I received a 30% off any book at Borders voucher!)

I've been interested in Obama's books since the first time I saw him - he was on Oprah promoting the Audacity of Hope. He was so genuine and charming, and just such a regular guy with kids who are embarrassed when he talks to their friends and a wife who calls him to pick up groceries on the way home.
Oprah asked him then about running for President, but I don't think she could have imagined that just over 2 years later he would be sworn in to the White House.
I picked up both the Audacity of Hope and Dreams from My Father, which I'm probably even more interested in, and which was first published in 1995.
If I was ever going to get these books, Wednesday seemed the perfect time to do so.

As for the other two, i'm not quite ashamed to say that their covers played a big part in their coming home with me! I don't really have a problem judging a book by its cover ;o)

I mentioned last week that I hadn't loved Twilight, but I did find it compelling reading in the end, enough so that I was interested in checking out the second book in the series - New Moon.

And I think the cover art on this edition of these is really striking and lovely!

Different, but equally beautiful, is this edition of Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre.

It is one in a series of ten Penguin Classics which have been released with these gorgeous old-fashioned hard covers.

They're all so pretty! That 30% off might still come in handy after all! ;o)



  1. Oh I love that Pengiun Classic. Me thinks I might have to make a Sat trek into Borders to get one - so pretty! AND I do like the story too.

  2. That Penguin Classic cover sure is pretty!


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