Thursday, January 01, 2009

looking back

Since I love seeing flickr mosaics on other people's blogs, I thought I'd put together a few to see how my 2008 looked in pictures.

There's one picture from each month in each mosaic =)

crafty '08
1. lemon booties, 2. Progress - 4 repeats, 3. So Called bunnies, 4. DSCN0691, 5. squirrels take 2, 6. pink & purple clouds, 7. FO Tiny cardie, 8. Thumb 1, 9. who's got the button?, 10. heel!, 11. pink buttons, yellow buttons, 12. Stocking for Ella

foody '08
1. brownie cupcake, 2. one of these guys is not like the others, 3. sprinkles, 4. Saturday, Saturday, 5. encrusted mousse, 6. mmmm cookies, 7. Sunny strawberries, 8. Happy? Vegemite!, 9. Grand Final champagne breaky, 10. sweet tarts, 11. Pony cakes for cup day, 12. mmm brunkager

fun, friends and footy 08
1. two to takeaway, 2. Balloon, 3. Lions vs Swans @ Manuka, 4. Captain Cook, 5. Weekend highlight, 6. blossom, 7. kitchen buddies, 8. dogs first goal, 9. sea of brown and gold, 10. garden seat, 11. after, 12. Presents!

Let me know if you put your year in pictures too - I'd love to see it! =)


  1. I've been thinking about making those mosaics as well - the ones I see on other blogs are so pretty! :)

    I love you did one for food as well. Makes me a bit hungry and my fingers itch to start baking.

    All in good time!

    I hope you had a marvelous New Year. :)

  2. i really should learn how to do this with pictures, its such a great representation. wishing you another yer of cupcake and footie success!

  3. you've done some gorgeous stuff Kuka. Happy new year!


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