Saturday, January 03, 2009

my word

I'm not a natural Doer.
I'm a Thinker, a Sitter.
Sometimes a Planner, often a Procrastinator.
A Watcher, not a Joiner.

Sometimes this makes me feel like I'm watching my life, not living it, and lately I feel like I'm wasting a lot of time moping about how much time I waste.

Michelle posted today that in the place of new year's resolutions she was embracing an idea she had seen on Ali Edwards's blog of focusing on one little word to sum up what you want from the coming year.

My word for 2009 is

1. L, 2. I, 3. V, 4. Bear, wooden letter E

What's your word?


ps. yes, my 2nd and 3rd words might just be flickr and mosaic ;o)


  1. that's so strange. That's not how I see you at all. I see you as a big doer!

    I can't think of a word. I think I'm too afraid yet, given all I;ve got to face.

  2. hehe that's cos I'm a big Talker! ;o)

  3. I'm with Bells - I would have described you as a do-er - I think you do a lot more than me!!

    I like your one word. Not sure what mine is. Maybe "karma".

  4. 'Nice' is my word.

    I'm just going to be nicer - to my partner, and also to batty old shop assistants and rude waiters etc.

    There is no point getting steamed up over nothing = and I don't want to gradually morph into a grumpy old lady!

  5. Just leave all the watching and moping to me, I'm the champ ;)

    I'm going for year 36 of my target word being "healthy" ... maybe it'll pay off this time :)

  6. That's the spirit! I love your positive spin on things, B!

  7. I totally understand - I keep thinking "I'll do that when....". Im a sitter and thinker and fluffer too.

    I like "live" very much. And the new blog look too!

  8. Ditto, I see you as a doer too...AND I remember your comment when I was standing by and procrastinating about my blog - "dude, just start a flippin' blog already!". My word of the year is a noun, but by implications contains a lot of doing words - 'mummy'.


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