Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Reading - knit two and a me too

There's been some reading going on here over the past few weeks - which has been lovely, since I felt like it was an age since I had sat down and lost myself in a good book.

Between the bussing to and from work, and the plane and train travel around Melbourne last week, I've demolished these two pretty quickly.

Knit Two is the sequel to the Friday Night Knitting Club, and picks up 5 years after the latter finished.
It was a nice, easy, enjoyable read, and (of course) a bit emotional at parts.

Twilight I found a little trickier.
Everyone has read and RAVED about this series that I just had to check it out for myself.
I know it's totally teen fiction, but when I was that age (and, well, a bit now too) I was really into the whole Anne Rice and vampire fiction (vampire anything, really) scene.
But this.....

I found it soooooooo annoying. and repetitive. and annnoooooyyying. and did I mention repetitive?
The first probably 2 thirds of the book draaaaaged.

Then, suddenly, it was thrilling!!
I was completely engrossed, and finished the book in one night, and now I'm hanging out for the second!

I think (correct me if I'm wrong) the movie might take care of some of the repetitiveness by condensing the story and focusing on the action a bit?
I might just have to sneak out to the movies and find out for myself during my leave - which starts next week!!!!




  1. I didn't like Friday Night Knitting Club AT ALL. But I know lots of people have loved it.

    Will have to check out the Twilight series one day - I love a good vampire story!

  2. Oh man. I found Twilight exactly the same. I didn't want to like it. I hated the writing style (treated me like i was too dim to read between the lines), I hated the main characters, and I wanted them all to die. But. It was rivetting. But for the love of all that is holy and good in this world, DO NOT SEE THE MOVIE. I laughed at the ridiculousness so frequently that I had maltesers thrown at me. I was prepared to give it some artistic licence and to suspend belief - it is after all a vampire movie - but dear god it was awful. Bad effects, painful main actress, serious overacting, stupid dialog - I could go on. Not only did I lose two hours of my life that I will never get back, but I actually think I was stupider when I came out than when I went in. Ok, I'll get off my soapbox now.

  3. Will have to order Knit Two from the library - love a knit novel!

  4. Have just read Knit Two while on holidays at the beach and it was a lovely, relaxing holiday read. I had lent the first one to my mum earlier in the year so she brought the second one on holidays for me to read. Lovely mum!!


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