Tuesday, January 13, 2009

saturday is k day

Did I mention it's kitten week??
We're planning to pick up two little furry bundles on the weekend.
We've even borrowed a kitty carrier from a friend - although I have to say the idea of bringing them home in a little cardboard box sounds kind of fun!

Today we had big computer problems at work - even doing something as simple as cut and pasting between two word documents was too challenging for our machines.

The internet was ok, though, so (along with ice cream recipes) I busied myself doing a spot of pet research.

We're hoping to get rescue kitties, so the RSPCA will be the first stop.

They have a pet adoption search on their website, along with lots of info about the the adoption process, the responsibilities associated with being a pet owner, and ways that you can support their work.

The search on the ACT page is showing only 4 available kittens, so I was a bit worried we'd missed the spring kitten window, but an article published in the local paper last week said they had over 160 little guys looking for new homes.

Canberra Pooch Rescue are also working to rescue and find new homes of dogs and cats across the ACT.

Of course, flickr is always good for eye-candy of any kind, and I'm sure you're not surprised to hear that there is an abundance of groups dedicated to cats and kittens!!!
(careful, you might not be able stop if you start looking there!! ;o))

I'm feeling somewhat nesty about this whole kitten arrival business, so I'm not at all surprised by the strong desire to make something for them.
Not kitty clothes mind you, but toys and blankets!
There are A LOT of great patterns to look at on ravelry!

And then there the search for the "purrfect" pet name.
The internets being the internets, there are a bunch of sites to help out on that too!

Hmmm, what do you think of Walworth for a kitten?



  1. Yay for kitties!

    I like Walworth for a name, very much. Cats can definitely carry aristoc(r)atic names!!

    I made my cat a crochet blankie. Does she use it? No she does not! Oh well...

  2. Hooray for Kittens! Would Walworth be shorted to Wally?

  3. im quite excited by your impending arrival, even tho, as a dog person, i know the cat is to be mistrusted, as it is plotting to take over the world. but kittens are sooo cute. i hope you get some lovely crazy feral tabbies, and it is a good thing you are doing going the rescue route. i love walworth, so cool.

  4. How lovely - My cat is Hobson, and previous kittehs were George and Rommel

    I am about to make the ice cream tonight - but will use lots of cream because it needs using up (my excuse)

  5. What's all this talk of kittens! You know you must leave room for me - you know who


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