Saturday, January 10, 2009

sorry you can't get through

Hi there!

Kuka isn't in today.

She got up this morning and boarded a plane to Melbourne.

Now she's at her lovely friend's wedding, dancing with her Boy and wearing her new dress.
The one that goes with those shoes.

She'll be back tomorrow =)

dress from target, cardi from cotton on


  1. cute post, nice dress, great new banner!

  2. Great dress! I hope you'll share photos when you return.

  3. Lovely dress - great shoes - so chic!

    Hope you had a wonderful time - that Icecream is so on my list! I love my icecream maker - my fave is berri - any berries (125g), 125 g caster sugar, juice of a lemon, cup of cream (but I tend to use 300ml) and same of milk - whiz in a blender, pour into the ice cream maker - mmmmmmmmmmmm!


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