Monday, February 23, 2009

almost time

It might still only be February, but when the weekends start looking like this you know it's nearly footy time!

Sydney went down to Port (no big surprise - being pre-season and all)

Of course, the weekend also looked a lot like this

Look at those little fuzz balls! - too cute!

We finally made it out to Bunnings.I picked up some things to fix up our little front garden - everything was completely fried! I wish I had taken some before photos, but it looks really nice - now just to keep it going! This keeping things alive in the garden caper has been much trickier than I expected. Even with watering the soil is just dust!

An although its only Monday, I already can't wait for next weekend - more footy in Canberra, a couple of good games on the tv, a friend's birthday, and the Canberra Show - can't wait to see my clever friends' work on display!

But first, tomorrow is SnB day!


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