Monday, February 02, 2009

A Brown Owl Parliment

Do you all know about the Brown Owls?
Maybe, like me, you watched their adventures from afar and wished you lived in Melbourne too, so that you could be part of the fun?

Well, now we can!!!

Brown Owls is coming to Canberra (and a bunch of other cities around Australia!!), with our very own chapter!

You can read more on the Brown Owls blog and members blog, and if you think you'd like to be an Owl too you can join here, and then join us at our very first Canberra Brown Owls Parliament get together!


ps. Do you like my FELTY little Brown Owl friend there? I put him together with the help of this fun tutorial for an Owly egg cosy!


  1. Love the egg cosy - although I've always wondered about those. At our place we boil the eggs, put them on a plate and eat them - no need or time for an egg warmer here! Super cute though and also thought it might be part of your felt creations for felt february?

    Oh and can't wait to meet other owls next week! yay!

  2. You already know how excited I am about Brown Owls!! I joined last year and was so annoyed that I didn't get to Melbourne at least once for a meeting!

    So hooray for a Canberra Parliament of Brown Owls! And it will be a lot nicer than that parliament on the big hill...


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