Tuesday, February 24, 2009

felty doggie needlebook

I'm still making-along!

See, I made this little wool felt and flannel needlebook on the weekend

This guy is going to re-stash a crafter
The little embroidered doggie there comes from the kyuuto! wooly embroidery book
These little needlebooks are so easy - along with making some to donate I plan to put together and donate a bunch of kits for crafters who would like to make their own =)



  1. It looks fantastic! I love that the lead of the dog wraps towards the back of the book.

    (And I'm thinking the dog design would lend itself well to a book cover so no one else on the bus can see what you are reading!)

  2. me likey! are you planning a kitten one, perhaps chasing a ball of wool?!

  3. That's so sweet, his little tail is very cute.


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