Saturday, February 07, 2009

hot in the city

Eeek, what an awful hot fire-dangery day!
Fire weather really spooks me - the fires we had in Canberra a couple of years ago were terrifying! The sky was all black and red, and the air full of smoke and glowing red leaves. Yuck!

We were doubly disappointed that today's weather has been so unfriendly, on account of today is Canberra's Multicultural Festival Food and Dance Spectacular day.
We look forward to going each year (the boy loves the polish beer and german worst, and I get to stock-up on Scandinavian lollies mmm paalaeg chocolade and daim!) but in today's weather we just thought it would be too much! (The piccy there is from the 2007 Spectacular=))
According to the local news the weather didn't keep the crowds down though - I think they were estimating about 70,000 people.
Watching the news, I was pleased to see they were handing out plenty of free cool water (even on pleasant days it is thirsty work, and water is costly/hard to come by), but was disappointed to hear people suggest a few extra cold beers would get them through - even if they did mean it as a joke.
The thought of all those people who would have spent a day in the sun throwing back 500mL cans of 6% Polish beer for refreshment was one of the things that put us off...

There has been plenty of good advice around on avoiding heat-related illness, the ABC website had some that I hadn't seen anywhere else and particularly liked:
Extended days of very hot weather can affect people emotionally as well as physically. It is common that people may start feeling tired, irritable or a bit vague. It is important to relax and stay as cool and as hydrated as you can. Look after yourself and others around you.

We're having a completely inside, airconditioned weekend (and I'm really hoping to get out in the garden a bit during the week after work, or we're going to wake up one morning and find the wisteria has made it inside and lashed us tight to the bed!), and all this thought of felt has me inspired to make some felty finger puppets! I've spent today browsing online for some ideas and winding embroidery cotton onto little cards (very therapeutic!), and hopefully I'll have something to show you tomorrow =)

Stay cool!



  1. It is such an awful time. I've just been reading about all the deaths in Victoria. Too, too awful.

  2. The Multicultural Festival actually wasn't too bad last night. I went with friends at around 6 and while busy, I didn't notice any drunken misbehaving.

    I'm glad I went. The food was good, and it stopped me from obsessively checking the DSE and CFA websites, hoping that there are no reports of fires near my parent's house. They've been lucky so far,


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