Monday, February 16, 2009

is hard to type...

...when the kitten decides your throat is the only coomfy seat in the house tonight!

Lucky she's so cute!

I am getting some squares joined though - see over there on the couch?



  1. Jeebers! I'd also find it hard to speak, breathe and swallow. Cute kitty kat ...

  2. Very cute. ;)

    Just checking in, I was quite certain that you weren't in the Victoria area, but wasn't completely sure! Glad to see that you and your family are okay.

    I've been watching the TV too, and it's absolutely awful. What makes me most angry (and sad) is that some of the fires were most likely lit by people. I hope they find whoever did it and put them away. I'll be donating to the AU Red Cross, too.. so awful that so many have lost their homes and loved ones. :(

    Anyway. Glad to see you're alright, and I love those kitties. ;) I wish we were allowed to have cats here!

  3. yep, that throat sure looks comfy! Kittehs are strange indeed. Love your blog- and your owl in make-a-long :)

  4. Very cute kuka! Looks like the new addition hasn't had any trouble fitting in :-)


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