Saturday, February 14, 2009

mmmm chocco poppo

The boy and I went past Koko Black (or "Chocco Poppo" as we like to call it) and picked up a couple of chocolate mousse martinis to go tonight.

This stuff is soooo good! And doesn't it look pretty?

It has really been a gem of a day food-wise: breakfast at Beppe's (it was truly excellent except, I have to say, they did hard-poach my eggs. Is there anywhere in Canberra that can poach a decent egg??) and dinner at my very favourite Thai place - Lemon Grass.

And below, the promised pics of my finger puppets - a platypus (agent P perhaps, has anyone else seen that cartoon - Phineas and Ferb? It's our new favourite show) and a bunny.

Next I think 3 little pigs and a wolf - I really like these ones that I saw on flickr =)

If you've been following the handmade help blog (and, gosh, there are some lovely things for sale over there!), you might already know about two great new ways those clever guys have come up with to help bushfire survivors:

By donating some excess craft supplies you can help to re-stash a crafter. Donated crafty bits and pieces will be pooled together to make re-stash kits and donated to crafters in need. Read more here or here.

Do you have an absolute number one favourite recipe you can donate? A call is out for recipes and artwork to be included in Homemade - the Handmade Help Cookbook. Homemade will be available as a downloadable PDF, with all proceeds going to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal. Hard copies will also be printed up and distributed to everyone who lost their home in the fires, so the girls will be looking for a printing sponsor - if you know someone who might be able to help out please get in touch with Gilly and Lisa via email at handmaderecipes at gmail dot com.
Submissions of recipes and artwork (yours or your kids') can be sent to the same address. Oh, and the theme for the artwork is eating together - so get out the crayons and get those drawings going!
You can find out more here

ps. I'll be submitting my super secret excellent never fail lovely jubly cupcake recipe - just so you know ;o)


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  1. Oooh, recipes! And they say right on the site, global. I think I have a few I could send to represent Rhode Island. :-)


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