Saturday, January 31, 2009

What would you wear?

Apparently the current weather is going to hang around for a little while yet. So, rather than dwell on the ickiness, I thought it might be fun to put together some summer loveliness.

If I had to leave the house (and, therefore, dress in more than my undies) here's what I'd like to wear today:

Mmmm doesn't that drink look refreshing?

I built this summery collage using Polyvore - you can mix and match all kinds of images, and draw inspiration from sets put together by other polyvore users - lots of fun (and perhaps a bit addictive!) ;o)

What would you wear?


ps. Just to clarify, I think polyvore is fun for dresses, bags and shoes - things that the you can actually click on and buy through the site thanks to agreements between companies and polyvore.
The THEFT and defacing of copyright images from Etsy and other sites by polyvore users creating 'art' (read more here or here) is disgusting and absolutely UNCOOL!!

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  1. That polyvore looks great. I've been thinking of how to display my sewing wares on without showing off the post-baby bod, and this might be the trick. Once I venture back into clothes from my undies too - freak it's hot!


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