Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Like a bird

Studio Mela: "So Very Happy"

Things that are making me happy today...

  • happening across the entire Arrested Development for a VERY BARGAIN PRICE at Fishpond today (there are 2 copies headed our way)

  • plotting a project for our Brown Owls Very Stitchy Tea-Party next weekend (and planning a delicious bakey plate to take along)

  • working with nice people who are happy to deliver my favourite lunch right to my desk when I'm too busy to go out myself

  • watching the actual for real BBC Ready Steady Cook when I get home

  • dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets with dinner (well, they didn't have any potato smiles at the supermarket)

  • watching ice-hockey with the Boy, cheering like crazy for opposite teams, even though we have mostly no idea what's going on (we're training for the Winter Olympics)

  • kittens sleeping on my lap szr54a5555555555 (and walking across my laptop bhhbhb)

  • a cup of tea and my stitching

There are always lots of things at Etsy that make me happy too! Like the super cute "So Very Happy" print up there from Studio Mela. So, I've added a little widgie to my sidebar there so that you can see my latest Etsy favourites. Maybe they'll make you happy as well!



  1. It is a Very Big Bargain!!!! Glad you are so 'chipper'!!!

  2. Oooh, ice hockey! (Here called just "hockey," as it's the first and real hockey!) I was a hockey groupie in high school. It's much, much more fun to watch in person. You can root for the Bruins! That's *my* local team (and one of the original teams, too). I still have a problem with warm-weather states having hockey teams. It just seems wrong!!

  3. Can you be chirpy for me today? I'm having a bad one already. I am so sick of 10 hour days.

    Actually I think your happiness is rubbing off on me. Yep, feel better already.

    Thanks xx

  4. whoa, not kidding about it being a bargain.

    I'm very much looking forward to the Brown Owls meet!


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