Friday, March 13, 2009

oh! Bento!

When I was at school lunch was usually a vegemite sandwich. Sometimes we'd mix it up a bit with peanut butter or, if we were super lucky a lunch order from the canteen!

Can you imagine what it must be like to open your lunch box to one of these fancy lunches??

1. first Rilakkuma bento !, 2. Bento 01/27/09, 3. Bento #30: Bear obento, 4. Elephant pancakes!, 5. Stuffed animals bento, 6. Bento #10, 7. Bento 02/26/09, 8. Pink bunny bento, 9. Zebra Onigiri Bento, 10. Bento 2/25/09, 11. 2/7 Bento #63, 12. Goldfish bento, 13. Happy Chinese New Year 4707, 14. Blushing Bear Bento, 15. Noah's Bento, 16. Breakfast Bento 2

These japanese inspired bentos are not only lots of fun - they're a real art form!! You can see heaps more - for kids and adults - at flickr =)
(some are really amaing - look at these and these!)


see what other peeps have to say about school lunches here


  1. I've got a huge frog cookie cutter that I use for Lily's sandwiches - then I give it some eyes and some cucumber lilypads. Its not in the league of these bento but for the timepoor its pretty good!

  2. My girls' lunches are always sandwiches - Nutella, butter & jam, peanut butter & the occasional leftover roast beef. I can't let them see these bento lunches.

  3. They are SO cute - but I can't eat anything with a smiley face! I'm weird like that! How GREAT are bento, though?! Lovely mosaic - so thank you!


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