Monday, March 16, 2009

peppermintly macaroned

As promised, my latest lovelies (which makes it sound like I've baked hundreds of batches - these are really only my second =))

Peppermint macarons with chocolate buttercream

I think these are pretty good - although I have actually never tasted macarons except for the ones I've baked myself!
So, all I know is that they should have those lovely lacey feet, a thin crispy shell and chewy insides - and these guys are three from three there. =)

I used this recipe here for the macaron shells, except I used peppermint essence in place of the lemon juice, and the chocolate buttercream recipe at the bottom of this page for the filling (well, it's based on that one =))

I think next I'll take on chocolate =)



  1. I'm putting a bid in for a taste at the owling on Sunday. Maybe the chocolate version will be ready then? I've only seen these in cyberspace but I really want to, you know, melt them into my mouth. Are they as good as they look? They look fabulous.

  2. They look delicious! You really are so crafty! And you also seem to be a fabulous chef! :D

    I don't get to spend as much time in the kitchen as I'd like these days - I did make some pumpkin soup on the weekend which turned out pretty well. :)

  3. oh so tempting! I love mint and chocolate together. I love the look of those!

  4. Are they as good as mint slices? If they're not, then I'm just not interested.


    I've just realised I've seen that colour green before ... in a certain colour of Pear Tree Yarn called "grass". I don't think the yarn would taste as delicious though!

  5. Oh they are perfect: so green and fresh!!

  6. They look awesome! Brown and green is close to my favourite colour combination, as is choc mint, food wise.

  7. So yummy. I always feel hungry when I visit your blog.

  8. Oh oh oh YUMMY!! Mint and chocolate is my favourite!!

    If I come to visit will you make them??


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