Tuesday, March 10, 2009

still here, still baking

Yup, we're still here - and there has been some baking happening.

Actually, it seems I may have a new bakey 'thing'

(ok, obsession if you must...)

But they're so cute and colourful - who could resist??

These guys are by no means perfect (see, they aren't supposed to have nipples!), but were my first shot at what has been aptly described as a most "Persnickety Cookie", so I was quite pleased with them =)

Expect to see more in the not too distant future ;o)



  1. Yum - what are they and recipe?

    They look very nice - nipples and all!

  2. Oh what a fabulous batch, I have seen so many people defeated by these!!

  3. Oh they look SO GOOD! Can you please make some for the next owly get-together? Please???!!

  4. You've like read my mind. I was SO going to have a go at these, but then read a post on the Chickpea blog about how real French people don't MAKE macaroons they buy them, and I had second thoughts. Not now. What about a bake off kuka?


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