Saturday, March 14, 2009


I was all excited and ready to get to stitching tonight on a couple of patterns I bought from the Floss Box yesterday, but look! - I'm missing the screw from my embroidery hoop =( bum

Since I don't have anything craft progressy to share, I thought I'd join in with this very unfortunate little meme I've seen around a few places lately.
You just google “unfortunately, yourname” and see what comes up! Here are my five favourites:

Unfortunately Kuka said the angle that the tanker was position in made it impossible to pump the 9200 gallons of propane out

unfortunately Bronwyn spent the first 5-6 hours running up and down the stairs (we were on the top floor) to get the bathroom on time

unfortunately Bronwyn came down with a fever too

Unfortunately Bronwyn missed out by 7 cms

Unfortunately, Bronwyn is still in the "can I really approach that whip if it's laying on the ground?" stage



  1. Heh, I can't participate in that meme.. Trine is such a Danish name that there was only one entry about the Danish royal family. Le sigh!

  2. Hah - I actually found some - I will post either later or tomorrow - what a fun one!

    Love the Bento lunches - I used to get weird lunches which were often dinner party left overs - who could forget parmesan and paprika sandwiches, or tortillas with jam?

  3. Love those lunches.

    I really should get back in the lunches game. And I'm not talking about you, me, and numbers 28 and 82.

    I have always lusted after a laptop lunchbox. Maybe I should actually get one rather than talking about it!


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