Sunday, March 15, 2009

the weekend

We've had a gorgeous weekend here.

An incredibly quiet, normal, hanging about the house, doing the washing and watching re-runs of the Beverly Hillbillies and Law & Order kind of weekend. Bliss

It has been a very productive weekend in the kitchen which was also lovely - I find fussing about in the kitchen for an afternoon very relaxing.

The cupcakes there I made yesterday to take along to afternoon tea with a friend, and thought they looked so cute and cheerful stacked up like this that I just had to snap a shot.

Today I made this hearty chicken and vegetable soup - which was dinner tonight, lunch tomorrow and the rest will do us for another dinner sometime this week. It was really delicious and REALLY very hearty! I think it will be a favourite as we move into cooler weather.

I've also started a chilli apple jelly - there's one they sell at Food Lovers which we absolutely adore on cheese and cracker and I've been keen to give it a try myself for ages. I've boiled it all up and have the pulp straining overnight - tomorrow I'll add the sugar and bottle it =) I'm excited to see how it turns out.

And finally I've been baking more macarons.
Green pepperminty ones with chocolatey buttercream filling - I'll shoot and share tomorrow =)



  1. Ah, you're a patient woman to make jelly. Sounds gorgeous.

  2. You are really a great cook. I will rather knit than cook.

  3. The cupcakes do look cute!! Thanks for the jelly link.I'm thinking one day.............


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