Sunday, May 17, 2009

Autumny goodness

By mid-May in Canberra that feeling starts to creep up on you that there won't be too many more "outside friendly" weekends for the season, so today was all about taking advantage of the gorgeous autumny weather - it was still and sunshiney and (relatively) warm.

The kitties love spending time in the garden room on the weekends, and this morning, with the sun streaming in, it was warmer than inside the house - perfect for Sunday breakfasting.

Then it was gardeny time. I put in some bulbs - dutch irises and ranunculus (and,wow, don't those bulbs look weird? Also, a quick google now reveals I put mine all in upside down. Whoops) - fed my strawberries, cauliflower and broccoli, and gave my Olive some attention.

ooh I grew an olive on my tree! (yes, just one)

I love Canberra's autumn colours, and we have some impressive ones right here in our garden at the moment:

The perfect way to spend a Sunday, don't you think?



  1. Don't you mean "autumny goog-ness"?

    Ha ha! Oh dear.

    I love the trees in your garden. The colours are magnificent.

  2. A great idea - so what time is breakfast at your place next week? Huh?

  3. We're having an Indian Summer here even though the Autumnal spirit is well and truly about. Love the leafy display. Hope your bulbs survive upsode down!!

  4. Izaak is sitting with me - "she had egg honey" - yummo! Delish brekky there and the seasons are definitely changing. Coming from Brisbane I really do love the changes of colour that happen here in autumn.

  5. That is a perfect way to spend your Sunday. :) That breakfast looks delicious! What is it?

  6. bulbs planted upside down will still grow, just a bit more slowly as the shoots have to turn a corner!

    Lovely photos there.

  7. I love autumn too & your trees look lovely at this time of the yeat. I am also waiting for olives on my tree.


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