Thursday, May 21, 2009


Tonight I'm trying to get myself organised for our next Brown Owls meeting - on Saturday - since tomorrow night we're off to the theatre, and since we all know how Saturday morning can get away from one! This month we're hand-stitching pincushions.
So I sat down to print out a pattern and instructions, and to get my fabric together, but the thing is that now I've started looking around I can't just can't decide what to make!

Check out some of my favourites from flickr:
1.Pin Cushion, 2. Red delicious pincushion, 3. Forget-Me-Not pincushion,
4. There they are again, 5. Hedgehog pincushion, 6. Bottle Cap Pincushion #171

At first I was convinced I wanted to make a pear.
Then I saw how cute the hedgie is, and found a free pattern for those gorgeous square Heather Bailey ones, with ribbons and buttons!!!
And those tiny little guys! You know, they're made from plastic bottle tops!!

Maybe I'll make myself a little kit for each, and just decide on the day =)


even more pincushions here


  1. I love the Heather Bailey ones! But then I've always had a fondness for Amy Butler-looking fabrics. :)

  2. Make them all! You know you want to!

  3. Boohoo I can't come tomorrow cause I need to stay disciplined. Not sure what I did to deserve to be disciplined (mother superior knows) but I do need to stay on track. Before I read your post I said - wow, love em all, but my eye went: pear, hedgie, square ones, cupcake, flower circle one, tiny one. Not sure if it means anything though - just the way the eye went. Have a great day tomorrow. And I look forward to your pics and reports.


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