Saturday, May 16, 2009

I don't think you're ready for this jelly

After doing an exceptional (even if I do say so myself) job of cleaning the bathroom this afternoon a treat was in order, and soft cheese with my favourite crackers and some homemade jelly was just the thing.

I scored the gorgeous red jelly in a swap with a friend - a jar of my chilli jelly (which is there on the right) for some of her quince jelly.
yummmmmm =)

Thanks for all the boot love last week - I still can't believe that after spending so much time searching high and low all over the internets for boots, I found the perfect pair right here in Canberra!!
I've been getting lots of wear out of them (super comfy) and am loving playing with the patterned tights too =)



  1. Save some for me when i get back to Canberra!

  2. Heh, your post title made me snort!
    I love patterned tights too. Makes going to work more cheerful.

  3. That's it - I'm off to have cheese and crackers and jelly right now! I've just shredded the last of the 1991 financial records, and I think that's a good reward!


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