Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Mornings that I've been running too late for breakfast at home we've been popping into the cafe near work to pick up a muffin (for me) and a coffee (for him).
Although their muffins aren't too bad, the chef seems to enjoy experimenting with the muffins flavours - mostly by adding banana to any tried and true flavour combo.
This makes me a bit nervous, since any labelling mix up that saw me biting into a muffin stuffed to its top with banana could really ruin my day. (Seriously. Just having written the word twice is about as much as I can take)

So, I've been doing a little muffin experimenting of my own.

Orange and poppyseed is one of my very absolute favourite muffin flavours (and, actually, one missing from our local muffiny place), so last weekend I pulled out my beloved Essential Baking Cookbook and whipped up these babies. The recipe, interestingly, uses orange marmalade in the place of juice - which might just be an excellent excuse to make a batch of marmalade. Warm marmalade is also brushed over the top of the muffins when they're just fresh out of the oven to give them a delicious sticky glaze.

These guys freeze really well, so we had a couple of days worth fresh, and froze the rest. In the past few weeks I've also made a batch of chocolate chip and a batch of blueberry, so I can just grab whatever takes my fancy from the freezer on the way out the door =)

I'll be looking to expand my repertoire, does anyone have a favourite muffin recipe to share? I'd love to try them out!



  1. I have an excellent banana muffin recipe!


    I also have a really nice spicy zucchini muffin recipe from the Muffin bible - I'll find it and send it to you.

  2. I have a ridiculously easy lemon yoghurt muffin recipe if you're into that kind of thing.

  3. You don't like banana either?? I hate the things, though I used to LOVE them as a kid. I think I ate to many when I was young or something... I love those Butterfly Muffin things - my mum used to make them when I was young. With the cream and whatever I don't think they'd freeze particularly well though...

  4. Oh! You don't like bananas? I'm the same, although I think I'm a bit over the top - I hate absolutely anything banana flavoured, and am completely grossed out by banana peels.

    Freezing a batch of muffins is a great idea, makes breakfast nice and cheap and easy!

  5. Unfortunately, my favourite muffin recipe has ... the b-word.

    But what about apple-cinnamon muffins? I've been dying to try out that combo!

  6. Your muffins look so....yummy & they are my favorite too!


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