Sunday, May 24, 2009


Taa daa! my pincushion from yesterday's Brown Owls meet.

As you can see I went with the bottlecap pincushion - I was just too blown away by all the gorgeous ones that I saw on flickr to go with something else! =)

I was going for 'cupcake' here, and whilst this guy is pretty cute, I'm not loving the white 'icing' and button on top - I think he'd look better nakey.
It was really easy to make though, and just the perfect one afternoon project - I had it all done except for the ric-rac - within our 2 hours or so (with lots of chatting, tea and snacking in between =))

And I don't think I'll be able to resist whipping up a few more! =)



  1. Sean looked over my shoulder and said 'that's very Kuka isn't it?'

    And yes, it is. :-)

  2. That came out so cute. Do you think maybe its a bit christmas pud? Do love a bit of christmas pud. Slurp slurp.


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