Wednesday, May 27, 2009

remembering risotto

We're risotto-ing tonight.

When I lived as a student in the Netherlands, rice was soooo cheap, and over winter buying a kilo bag of mixed frozen vegies was the easiest way to save me from an all potato and carrot diet - and these two very student accessible ingredients lent themselves perfectly to many risottoey meals.

The crazy Italian guy living with us, Luca, had been given a crash cooking course by his Mamma in a few Italian essentials before heading out into the world to fend (cook) for himself for the first time. He told me one time that over-cooking the garlic at the very start is a mortal sin when it comes to risotto. I remember that every time I pull out the aborio =)


find out what everyone else remembers here


  1. Risotto is a staple in my house. I go very simple: shallots or onions, arborio, and broth. Sometimes if we have leftover chicken I'll add that in and serve with a side of veggies. It's the only way my kids eat rice. They love it. I probably make it at least twice a week.

    As a kid, I had no idea what risotto was. Nor shallots! Now my 4yo specifically requests shallot risotto. ;)

  2. That looks so yummy. We have risotto frequently too as my girls love them.

  3. We love risotto in our house too - well at least the girl child and myself do. My fave would have to be chicken, pumpkin & pine nut - actually motivated to make it for dinner tonight now. Thanks Kuka!


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